Monday, June 22, 2009

Zune HD

Zune HD
Zune HD is a new innovation in the music technology which gives the very unique features. Its not only a music player but it also a HD radio, Wifi connectivity, touch screen and lot of more. Zune HD is a 3.3 inch multi touch sreen with vivid 16.9 OLED display. Zune HD gives the wireless connectivity and HD vedio output which can easily connect to the T.V. OLED display gives very fast and lastest technology uses in different display. Basically OLED stand for organic light emmiting diode. It gives very fast and sharp response as compare to the other display. Zune HD is just like your ipod but it comes with features. Zune HD is thin, smart and light weight.

TouchScreen (OLED display)
HD Radio
Web Browser
HD Vedio Output

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