Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gravitonus Workstation

Gravitonus Workstation
Gravitonus Workstation is highly innovation in computerize workstation which gives the optimal ergonomic conditions to work. Gratvitonus workstation is not only for the normal user its also helpful for the handicap persons. Gravitionus workstation comes in different design and customized software. Its has many unique features which is helpful for the handicap person to learn for like a normal person. It also comes with Intel processor core i7 which gives more speed and reliability in the machine. Its ergonomic design gives the right working condition to the user for work most effectively. Gravitionus workstation gives three displays, customize keyboard, 7.1 sound system, move able seat according to the user and much more which gives the uniqueness in the market. Its highly innovative deigned is so comfortable for the end users.Easily change the direction and adjust the screen and keyboard according to the user need. Its now available in the market but it has customaized hardware and software so its according to the end user needs.

Ergonomic design
Intel core i7
Three large LCD display screen
7.1 sound system
Custamoze keyboard

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